Sunday, November 2, 2014

Here Come the Holidays*

image: Peter Thoeny

Twas the holiday season, and all through the town
Ten different Santas were turning Brother’s world upside down.
The smells of trees, candles and spicy egg nog
Was enough to give Mom a piercing head fog.

Dad planned holiday travels while school books gathered dust
When out at the mailbox arose such a clatter
He sprung from his seat to see what was the matter.

There was Mom, looking wild, with a laugh long and hearty
Holding fifteen invitations to holiday parties
To Nana’s! To Auntie’s! To the office and friends!
The routine’s out the window till this holiday ends.

Off to the airport for a five hour flight
Occur at dear Grandma’s, and for all of the cousins,
And Grandpa who changes plans all of a sudden!

The mayhem begins as soon as they arrive
Mom confiscates treats full of gluten, sugar and artificial dyes
Sis-in-law mentions  “pushy parents” and “kids need to have fun”
Oh hurray! Holiday season has clearly begun!

Grandpa bugs Brother to play football, but he just wants to read
Sister sneaks leftovers to make plates for those homeless, in need
Dad’s looking for ear plugs, his mood’s a bit sour

Sister runs and hides as twenty people breeze in
Thank goodness for family members like Uncle Tim
Who’ll chat for hours with Brother about science and the periodical table
While Mom drinks as much “holiday punch” as she’s able.

Now the children are nestled all snug on the floor
Brother doesn’t like scratchy sheets, Sister wants just one book more
Grandma is happy to acquiesce
And sends Mom and Dad off for some quiet and rest.

At holiday dinner, cousins are quiet, well-behaved
And what to Mom's terrified eyes should appear
But Brother’s 5 OE's heightened by Great-Auntie's sneer.

Now the weekend has ended, much love and much cheer
Alternated with delicate feelings, apprehension and fear
As Brother wails, feeling itchy in Grandma’s hand-knitted sweater
Mom and Dad sigh, and say “Next year, we just know it, next year will be better.”

The links in the post are from the November 2013 GHF Blog Hop, Surviving and Thriving at the Holidays with a Gifted/2e Kid, which has many other excellent tips! Here's hoping for a happy and fun holiday season! 

*...with apologies to Clement Moore, and with a little help from Jade Rivera and the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum.


  1. "Next year will be better"... Love it! So creative :)

  2. Thank for you help promoting this call, funny lady!

  3. Over-excitabilities during exciting times! Brilliant.